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SK Rubber collet

SK Rubber collet

  • The parallel mandibular insert has a uniform, precise grip on the surface, which is three times that of a bifurcated steel collet.

  • The collets are quick to change and each collet is accepted and precisely centered in a large range of fractional or metric diameters (in a single capacity range) to speed setup and increase process productivity.

  • Durable one-piece construction, synthetic rubber maintains flexibility and resistance to heat, deterioration of coolant and cutting rubber

  • The steel jaws are inserted into the precision grinding after the molding process to ensure maximum grip accuracy. Hardened, it has higher wear resistance than split steel chucks.

  • Each collet hole is concentric with the outer diameter taper (front and rear), the concentricity is 0.003MM, and the service life is 600,000 times.

  • The outer diameter of the tool is automatically sealed to prevent coolant from flowing through, which increases tool wear.

  • Seal the collet and machine spindle to prevent abrasive particles and chips.

The rubber collet is also called flexible collet. The Lonnz Tools SK Rubber collet has the following advantages: each clamp will apply a uniform and precise clamping force to the surface of the workpiece, and its clamping force is three times that of the ordinary spring collet. 

The one-piece construction with durable synthetic rubber guarantees flexibility and resists corrosion of iron filings and coolant. The clamping block is integrally formed and ground, which has greater hardness and wears resistance, so the rigidity and precision of the clamping are unmatched by ordinary spring collets. 

The use of a rubber collet protects the sealed workpiece from the machine shaft from abrasives and chips. It can be used as a water stop clamp to prevent the overflow of the coolant. Lonnz Tools rubber chuck has been cryogenically treated to improve the accuracy and stability of the chuck product. The rotation runout accuracy is ≤10u, and the clamping range is 0.5mm.



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