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Chuck sleeve custom collet

Chuck sleeve custom collet

Category: Custom collet

Specifications: white steel, tungsten steel chuck, auxiliary shaft chuck, special chuck

Application: A fixture used to hold clamping material or product parts for forming.

Standard parts 1 piece, 3 pieces of non-standard parts.

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Lonnz Tools Co., Ltd. is an old manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of machine tool accessories and equipment hardware tools such as collet guide sleeves. LONNZ collet guide sleeves have an exquisite appearance, good concentricity, non-breakable taps, good flexibility, long service life, Guarantee high precision, fast delivery time and abundant stock. According to the different needs of customers, all kinds of non-standard special collet can be customized.

collet guide bushing introduction:

collet guide bushes are mainly used for round, square, hexagonal and other special hard alloy chucks and guide bushes used in various CNC machining centers, CNC machine tools, automatic machine tools, instrument machines and various milling machines at home and abroad, as well as standard concentric and irregular eccentric (Chuck) and so on.

Applicable to Taiwan type 15, 20, 25, Japan Fuji, Nomura, Star and other precision automatic lathes, table lathes, precision tapping multi-axis devices, etc. And Ningjiang machine cg1107, cm1113 type, CITIZEN, TSUGAMI, MIYANO, MAZAK, NOMURA, RIKEN, STAR, TORONOS, KITAMURA, HARDINGE, DAIWA, TRAUB and HANWHA, as well as Taiwan's Shengli, Tongchang, Wujiang, Yonghe, Mingyang CNC High-precision spindle chucks (cable nozzles) and guide bushings (steering nozzles) for imported lathes and other lathes.

Collet products have strict concentricity, conicity, smoothness, dimensional accuracy, heat treatment processes, and raw materials in strict accordance with international quality standards to ensure the accuracy and fatigue life of repeated clamping.

Advantages of LONNZ collet guide bushes:

1. Adopt advanced technology from Japan and Taiwan, stable product quality, high precision, good concentricity, can be customized as required.

 2. Japanese spring steel is used, which has good elasticity and long service life (1 million normal opening and closing times). It is made of Taiwan's ultra-fine tungsten steel. Tungsten steel has high wear resistance and heat resistance.

3. A complete range, delivery time, non-standard can be customized.

4. First-class quality, market price, to provide you with cost-effective products and services.

How to use the collet guide bush:

1. Put the chuck into the pressing cap, and gently turn the snap spring until the eccentric part of the pressing cap is recessed into the snap spring groove, and push the snap spring evenly in the direction of the arrow to install it into the pressing cap.

2. Install the clamping spring with the pressing cap on the chuck body or the machine tool spindle, clean the cylindrical handle of the tool and insert it into the clamping hole. Use a wrench to tighten the pressing cap evenly until the tool is clamped. use.

3. When changing the tool, use a wrench to loosen the clamping cap to bring out the chuck and the tool, remove the tool, push the spring in the direction of the arrow to force it to withdraw, and then replace the spring with another aperture as required.

Chuck sleeve custom collet


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