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Inductor collet

Inductor collet

Category: Custom collet

Specifications: white steel, tungsten steel chuck, auxiliary shaft chuck, special chuck

Application: A fixture used to hold clamping material or product parts for forming.

Standard parts 1 piece, 3 pieces of non-standard parts.

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Since 2005, LONNZ has been committed to research, development, production, and sales of high-precision spring collets of various models with a concentricity of 0.003MM and a life of 600,000 times.

LONNZ tungsten steel inductor chucks have the following technical advantages in the field of manufacturing:

1. Very suitable for processing small size transformers and I-shaped inductors.

  2. The opening and closing time is short, which can realize fast loading and unloading.

3. Inlaid tungsten steel is very wear-resistant, suitable for long-term work of the high-speed automatic winding machine.

4. Higher winding accuracy, better clamping force, and concentricity.

5. Provide the shortest arm and better torque.

6. Compared with ordinary chucks, it has fewer replacement times and longer working cycles, generally reaching more than five months.

In practical applications, the biggest advantages of tungsten steel collet are less downtime and maintenance, and less wear and tear in mass production and good consistency.

Inductor collet


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