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Automotive special equipment custom collet

Automotive special equipment custom collet

Category: Custom collet

Specifications: white steel, tungsten steel chuck, auxiliary shaft chuck, special chuck

Application: A fixture used to hold clamping material or product parts for forming.

Standard parts 1 piece, 3 pieces of non-standard parts.

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With the rapid development of the automotive industry in China, the cycle of automotive retrofitting has accelerated significantly.

While a variety of new models continue to stimulate consumer attention, the cost of automobile manufacturing has also increased due to continuous upgrading: the need to newly develop a large number of molds, tooling, inspection tools, and so on.

Collet chuck, also called collet, is a kind of elastic chuck for fast positioning and clamping of workpiece or tool relative to the chuck. It has a flexible and precise structure, easy to use and economical. .

Longzhouli high-precision spring chucks can save the accumulated time of the clamping process in large-scale processing occasions, improve the processing accuracy and improve the production efficiency.


LONNZ automotive special equipment non-standard chucks have been favored by many car manufacturers, with the following technical advantages:

1. It can quickly and easily equip new products into production to shorten the production preparation cycle.

2. Can clamp a group of workpieces with similar characteristics.

3. High-precision machinery and equipment are suitable for precision processing.

4. New technologies applied to various modern manufacturing technologies.

5. Using a variety of advanced clamping devices to further improve labor productivity.

Automotive special equipment custom collet


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