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custom spring collet

custom spring collet

custom spring collet (Motor shaft)

Category: CNC machine collet

Specifications: white steel, tungsten steel chuck, auxiliary shaft chuck, special chuck

Application: A fixture used to hold clamping material or product parts for forming.

Standard parts 1 piece, 3 pieces of non-standard parts.

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The LONNZ ER collet series has different sizes and precisions. There are 8 collets of different sizes, each size has 4 different types, plus 4 different nuts. Shank diameter and depth and clearance that may need to be reached.

From the selection, assembly and maintenance of ER chuck nuts, LONNZ has special research and 16 years of rich experience, customized high-quality spring steel, customized self-built salt bath heat treatment workshop, concentricity of 0.003MM, and long service life. 600,000 times. The production and processing of LONNZ collets are fully digitalized. The factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, three salt bath heat treatments, 36 full processes, nine quality inspections, thread grinding, standard products are in stock, and non-standard products can be customized. 

Although the collet is small, it does play a very important role in the machine tool industry. The LONNZ collet has the following strong functions:

       1. Can accurately position and clamp the workpiece or tool, can resist torque and withstand cutting forces from multiple directions.


       2. It has the functions of increasing the driving force and converting the driving force into the workpiece or tool clamping force.

       3. It has the function of quickly releasing the workpiece or tool.

       4. With the premise of not reducing the processing accuracy and protecting the workpiece from damage, it can guarantee the high precision of the product.

       5. It has the ability to work in a wide range of spindle speeds and has only a small loss of clamping force.

       6. The moment of inertia in high-speed cutting is extremely small.



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