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ER spring collet

ER spring collet

ER spring collet

Category: CNC machine collet

Specifications: white steel, tungsten steel chuck, auxiliary shaft chuck, special chuck

Application: A fixture used to hold clamping material or product parts for forming.

Standard parts 1 piece, 3 pieces of non-standard parts.

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ER spring collet is a kind of spring collet, which is generally used for supporting the use of CNC tool holders.

It is a cylindrical fixture used to be installed on the spindle of drilling, tapping, milling machine or machining center.

A fixed locking device that can also be used to fix and reinforce parts that require modification and processing.

LONNZ ER collet, large clamping force, wide clamping range, and good accuracy.

Widely used in boring, milling, drilling, tapping, grinding and engraving.



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