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Type 15 collet

Type 15 collet

CNC lathe collet series (Type 15 collet φ0.6)

Category: CNC lathe collet

Specifications: white steel, tungsten steel chuck, auxiliary shaft chuck, special chuck

Application: A fixture used to hold clamping material or product parts for forming.

Standard parts 1 piece, 3 pieces of non-standard parts.

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Advantages of LONNZ CNC lathe collet:

1.very suitable for small diameter workpiece processing.

2. The clamping time of the workpiece is short, which can realize fast loading and unloading.

3. The replacement time is short, which can realize the fast replacement of fixtures of different sizes.

4. Compared with the chuck, the clamping accuracy is higher, and the concentricity is better during the turning process.

5. For special-shaped and boring spring collets, it is more cost-effective and more flexible than chucks.

6. On a machine tool with a built-in spindle structure, the collet chuck can provide the shortest cutting force arm, which has greater processing space and processing rigidity than a chuck.

7. Envelope clamping can better protect the surface of the workpiece and provide better cutting torque.

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