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What are the requirements of ER collet manufacturers for the specifications of tooling fixtures?

2020-06-21 05:06

What are the requirements of ER collet manufacturers for the specifications of tooling fixtures?

 In the design plan of the ER spring chuck, the workpieces encountered are various types, including metal stamping parts, aluminum profiles, and component parts. Therefore, in the design plan, the allowable range of the standard tolerance of the workpiece clamping position must be estimated first.

The application of the collet chuck can greatly improve the processing efficiency and can maintain all the processing surfaces of the parts to be processed once clamping. According to the matching round bar machine and cutting equipment, it can maintain the fully automatic process of left and right feeding, and finally, maintain intelligent manufacturing and continuous processing.

In such an application, for individual workpieces, the non-drilling time saved will be very small, but in the entire processing process, each workpiece is reasonably arranged by the product of the number of processed workpieces, and the total savings The time is a lot.

So what are the requirements of ER spring chuck manufacturers for the specifications of tooling fixtures?

1. Especially suitable for small diameter workpiece processing.

2. The time for clamping the workpiece is very short, and the material can be kept quickly.

3. The disassembly and replacement time is very short, which can maintain the rapid disassembly and replacement of tooling fixtures of different specifications.

4. Compared with the chuck, the clamping precision is higher, and the coaxial is maintained stronger during U-turn processing.

5.ER for special-shaped and boring collet chucks, compared with the chuck, lower cost, and higher coordination ability.

6. On the CNC lathe with ER inserted spindle bearing structure, the spring chuck can show the minimum cutting speed arm, which has a larger processing room space and processing rigidity than the chuck.

7. The ER spring chuck is an envelope clamp, which can maintain the surface of the workpiece more strongly during clamping, and shows a large drilling torque.

LONNZ has been committed to the development and production of high-precision ER spring chucks since 2005. The concentricity accuracy level is an enterprise that can meet the Japanese AA-level accuracy standard. The high-quality concentricity accuracy can reach 0.003mm, and the inner hole of the chuck is round Holes, squares, hexagons, special-shaped, spring steel, cemented carbide, and standard concentric, special-shaped eccentric (chuck), etc., have been widely used in various CNC instrument lathes and supporting tool holders.

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