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General knowledge of lathe spring collet knife

2020-06-14 02:06

General knowledge of lathe spring collet knife:

Some models of turning tools are interchangeable and replaceable by different companies, such as outer turning tools and inner turning tools. In this way, the KOTLOY blade can be installed with the KYOCERA cutter body, and vice versa. Its subdivision is the base material, cutting groove and coating. For grooving cutters, cutting blades and thread cutters, different manufacturers generally differ.

Machine tool

(1) External turning tool:

The composition of the outer circular arbor number is composed of: the compression mode of the arbor (P, S, C, D, M, S), the height of the arbor (12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, etc.) and the width (12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40, etc.), the main angle of the arbor (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, J, etc. ), the angle of contact between the arbor and the blade, and Relevant angles (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, N, P, O) The total length of the arbor (F, H, K, M, N, P, Q, S). (Height and width are determined by the machine tool. The first set of numbers represents the center height of the tool on the lathe, which must be satisfied first. The second set of numbers is that the width of the tool can be appropriately widened or narrowed.), the drawing of the workpiece determines the car The main angle of the knife and the blade. The blade is conventional (C diamond 80°D diamond 55°V diamond 35° S regular quadrilateral W equilateral unequal triangle type, T equilateral triangle type)

(2) Inner hole turning tool:

When selecting the inner hole cutter, you must understand the diameter and depth of the customer's drawing, and at the same time understand the existing tool sleeve of the factory. According to the tool design: the general steel structure car can only extend 3 times the diameter of its knife body (the code name is No special code is indicated); the general anti-vibration turning tool can extend 5 times the diameter of the tool body (the code is E), while the full carbide inner hole turning tool can extend its tool body 7 times (The code is W); when processing deep holes and needs a better surface finish, be sure to select the tool body with oil holes (the code is generally with H). The value is noted that some tools require a right-hand knife with a left hand Blade, the left-hand knife with the right-hand blade.

(3) Grooving knife:

It is necessary to know the width and depth of the drawing and the cutting direction. The cutting directions are external groove cutter, inner hole groove cutter, end face groove cutter, etc. When machining the end face groove, we must also know the diameter of the machining, because the end face groove cutter has the limitation of processing the minimum diameter and the maximum diameter. When the workpiece diameter is small, it can be used as a cutting knife, but pay attention to its processing requirements.

(4) Cutting knife:

Under the premise that the cutting conditions allow, choose a cutting blade with a small blade width as much as possible to meet the requirements of reducing processing costs.

(5) Thread turning tool:

There are many kinds of threads, and the drawings currently encountered are generally metric and imperial and other threads. They are divided into <M metric teeth, UN inch teeth, G (PF) parallel teeth for pipes, W is Meishi, RC (PT ) Tapered tube teeth, NPT American tapered tube teeth, TR30° trapezoidal teeth>

Machining center tool holder

LONNZ has been committed to the development and production of high-precision spring collets since 2005. The concentricity accuracy level is an enterprise that can meet the Japanese AA-level accuracy standard. The high-quality concentricity accuracy can reach 0.003mm, and the chuck inner hole has a round hole, Square, hexagonal, special-shaped, spring steel, cemented carbide, and standard concentric, special-shaped eccentric (chuck), etc., have been widely used in various CNC instrument lathes and supporting tool holders .

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