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What should I do if the spring collet does not open?

2020-05-18 11:05

What should I do if the spring collet does not open?

Spring collets are generally used to clamp workpieces or tools. The tapered part is provided with a straight slot collet, and the inside is a hole. The tapered part cooperates with the corresponding taper hole on the machine tool. When the spring collet is subjected to axial tension, the collet produces displacement relative to the taper hole on the machine tool. The inner hole of the collet will shrink, and the parts or tools in it will be clamped. As the application of automation equipment becomes more and more common, the application of CNC spring collets becomes more and more common.

Since 2005, LONNZ has been committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-precision CNC lathe spring collets of various models and specifications. Steel cemented carbide, and standard concentric, profiled eccentric (collet), etc., are widely used in various CNC machining centers, CNC machine tools, automatic lathes, instrument machines and various milling machines at home and abroad. Concentricity is 0.003MM, life is up to 600,000 times, selected high-quality spring steel, CNC composite integrated machining forming, can provide auxiliary design of collet and peripheral accessories, one-stop purchase!

LONNZ CNC lathe spring collet

LONNZ CNC lathe spring collet

So what to do if the spring collet does not open: What are the reasons and solutions for the spring collet of the CNC lathe?

1. The body of the collet is selected too small, so that the rigidity of the collet is not good. You can replace the larger collet of the body. The conical surface and the stiff part of the straight handle, long-term tightening and clamping will produce fatigue, which will affect the processing accuracy of the product; and the force point of the forward push type collet chuck is on the front end surface and the tapered surface of the collet. So be better.

2. It may be that the main shaft of the machine tool shakes when the workpiece rotates too long, which directly leads to poor accuracy.

3. The inside is too dirty. Just wipe it clean.

4. The spring does not work. Change another spring.

5. The angle of the contact surface of the bush and the collet does not match or it is not enough to slip back. Change to a suitable bushing.

6. The contact surface between the chuck and the nut is uneven. Smooth the contact surface.

7. The opening and closing claws are worn. Change a new opening and closing claw.

8. The elasticity of the collet is insufficient. Change a new collet. Please feel free to contact Lonnz Tools for any collet problems.

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