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Principle and Function of Automatic Fixture

2020-04-23 01:04

Principle and Function of Automatic Fixture:

Automatic tooling fixture is a process device used to quickly fasten workpieces and keep the machine tools, cutters, and workpieces in correct relative positions during processing.  In other words, jigs and fixtures are indispensable parts for mechanical processing. Driven by the development of machine tool technology in the direction of high speed, high efficiency, precision, compound, intelligence and environmental protection, fixture technology is developing in the direction of high precision, high efficiency, module, combination, universality, and economy.

The fixture is usually composed of positioning elements (to determine the correct position of the workpiece in the fixture), clamping devices, tool setting guide elements (to determine the relative position between the tool and the workpiece or guide the direction of the tool), indexing devices (to enable the workpiece to complete the processing of several stations in one installation, including rotary indexing devices and linear moving indexing devices), connecting elements and fixture body (fixture base), etc.

The fixture is also called fixture.  Broadly speaking, any process in the technological process, the device used to install the workpiece quickly, conveniently, and safely, can be called a fixture.  For example, welding fixture, inspection fixture, assembly fixture, machine tool fixture, etc.  Among them, machine tool fixtures are the most common, often referred to as fixtures for short.

When machining a workpiece on a machine tool, in order to make the surface energy of the workpiece meet the technical requirements such as the size, geometric shape and mutual position accuracy with other surfaces specified in the drawing, the workpiece must be installed (positioned) and clamped (clamped) before machining.

The application of the tooling clamp has the following functions:

1, is conducive to ensuring the processing precision of workpieces and stabilizing the product quality;

2, is conducive to improving labor productivity and reducing costs;

3, is conducive to improving the working conditions of workers, to ensure safe production;

4, is conducive to expanding the scope of machine tool technology, realize "one machine with multiple purposes".

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High-precision automatic tooling fixture

High-precision automatic tooling fixture