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KN95 Disposable Masks Now Available, Factory Direct Sales, Price is Worth a Look!

2020-03-30 05:03

KN95 Disposable Masks Now Available, Factory Direct Sales, Price is Worth a Look!

China high-precision Collet Manufacturer provides high-precision collet clamps for machine tools, and at the same time, Medical Masks, Hand Gel, KN95 / N95 Masks are put into production to Protect your health.

1. KN95 / N95 Masks Price: ¥ 11.5 each (excluding tax)

2. Disposable Antiviral Medical Masks Price: ¥ 2.5 each (excluding tax)

3. Hand Gel Price: ¥ 45 each (50 pairs per box)

Delivery time: Delivery after payment (within two days)

Order from five thousand. Over 50,000 can also be discounted, depending on the order quantity. Ten thousand free shipping.

KN95-rated masks are effective at filtering out at least 95% of airborne particles, including microorganisms, dust, pollen, and air pollution.

The NK95 disposable masks are constructed with a three-layer filtration system of nonwoven soft and breathable fiber for effective protection. The masks feature extra soft and comfortable elastic ear loops that will not apply pressure to the ears during use and have an adjustable nose bridge strip. The masks come in a single size that fits most faces. They are non-toxic, odorless, non-irritating, contain no dyes and are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin. The disposable masks should be replaced daily for best hygiene and are ideal for one-time use in a non-medical setting.

KN95/N95 Masks

The KN95 air filter masks are manufactured by Lonnz Tools Co., Ltd. and are CE certified for FFP2 protective mask (EN 149-2001) and meet KN95-level requirements (GB 2626-2006).

If you need Medical Masks ,KN95/N95 Masks for epidemics, factory direct sales, price concessions, quality assurance. 

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KN95/N95 Masks