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The advantages of NC lathe collet and the different processing technology of NC machining and traditional machining

2020-01-17 10:01

Due to the continuous progress of technology, more and more parts need to be precisely machined in the modern manufacturing industry, and the requirements of machining accuracy and the complexity of the workpiece surface are higher and higher. Numerical control processing technology is an organic combination of conventional processing technology, computer numerical control technology, computer-aided design, and auxiliary manufacturing technology, so it has been widely concerned.

CNC lathe collets provide an economical and easy to install design, providing fast, safe, reliable and simple coupling and disengagement operation for frequent actions such as coupling drive and disengagement. The collet of LONNZ CNC lathe is made of spring steel, with guaranteed accuracy, and the accuracy of the cutting tool can be within 0.01-0.015. The collet can be extended by segmented heat treatment, with good wear resistance. It has been widely used in various CNC, instrument lathe, automatic lathe, and other equipment and instruments.

LONNZ as a professional chuck customization manufacturer, will tell you the different processing technologies between CNC and traditional machining:

1. Processing technology

In the general machining process, no matter the positioning datum, clamping method, tool, cutting method and other aspects can be simplified, but the data processing process is relatively complex, which needs to be fully considered, and even if the same processing task, the NC processing process can have multiple schemes, which can take multiple processing parts and cutting tools as the mainline Arrange the process, the process has a variety of characteristics.

2. Clamping and fixture

In the process of NC machining, not only the coordinate direction of the fixture and machine tool should be relatively fixed, but also the dimension relationship between parts and machine coordinate system should be coordinated. In the process of clamping, the two steps of positioning and clamping need to be effectively controlled. In the traditional machining process, due to the limited machining capacity of the machine itself, it is necessary to carry out multiple clamping in the process of machining. Moreover, special clamps are needed, which leads to high cost in design and manufacture, and increases the production cost of products. However, the positioning of the NC machining process can be debugged by instruments. In most cases, the design of a special fixture is not needed, so the cost is relatively low.

3. Cutting tools

In the process of machining, the selection of cutting tools needs to be determined according to the different machining processes and methods. Especially in NC machining, using high-speed cutting is not only conducive to the improvement of machining efficiency, but also to the guarantee of machining quality, effectively reducing the probability of cutting deformation and shortening the machining cycle.

Since 2005, LONNZ has been committed to research, development, production, and sales of high-precision CNC lathe spring chucks of various models and specifications, with a concentricity of 0.003mm and service life of 600000 times. You are welcome to customize the non-standard collets with drawings or samples.

The springcollet of LONNZ CNC lathe has the following advantages:

1. The spring chuck of CNC lathe has reasonable overall structure, good rigidity, can bear large torque and eliminate the looseness in rotation.

2. The precise machining accuracy ensures the accurate positioning, and the special heat treatment process is adopted for the roller support mouth.

3. The utility model provides a replaceable VT type roller bracket, which greatly prolongs the service life of the chuck of the numerical control lathe.

4. Use special alloy steel materials with superior performance and superior durability.

5. The bayonet is treated with nickel plating. After hardening, the bayonet has high hardness and durability, which can ensure good performance in heavy load and high-speed applications;

6. Reasonable tolerance fit of bayonet components ensures smooth and continuous torque transmission, which greatly enhances the safety performance of the machine.

7. Simple installation, suitable for continuous sliding or high-frequency use, buffer start, with soft start characteristics.

Spring collet of Citizen CNC lathe

Spring collet of Citizen CNC lathe