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Problems to be considered in fixture design

2020-01-16 04:01

Shenzhen Lonnz Tools Co., Ltd. has been committed to R & D, production and sales of various models and specifications of high-precision spring collets since 2005, CNC composite machining, 36 full processes, three salt bath heat treatment, screw teeth Grinding and forming, with guaranteed accuracy, can provide auxiliary design of collet  and peripheral accessories, one-stop procurement!

The design of tooling fixtures is generally single in structure, giving the impression that the structure is not very complicated, especially the current popularity of hydraulic fixtures has greatly simplified the original mechanical structure, but if the design process is not considered in detail, unnecessary trouble will inevitably occur.

Below we will share with you the issues that need to be considered for fixture design:

1. The blank of the workpiece. Causes the size of the blank to be too large, causing interference. So be sure to prepare a rough drawing before designing, leaving enough space.

2. Smooth chip removal of fixture. Due to the limited processing space of the machine tool during design, the fixture is often designed to be relatively compact. At this time, it is often ignored that the iron chips generated during the machining process accumulate at the dead corner of the fixture, including the outflow of chip fluid, for subsequent processing Cause a lot of trouble. Therefore, the problems in the processing process should be considered at the beginning of the actual production customization. After all, the fixture is based on improving efficiency and convenient operation.

3. The overall openness of the fixture. Ignoring the openness makes it difficult for the operator to install the card, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the design is taboo.

4. Basic theoretical principles of fixture design. Each chuck fixture has to undergo numerous clamping and releasing actions, so it may be able to meet user requirements at the beginning, but the fixture should have its accuracy retention, so do not design something that contradicts the principle. Even if fortunately now, there will not be long-lasting continuity. A good design should be tempered by time.

5. Replaceability of positioning elements. Positioning elements are severely worn, so quick and easy replacement should be considered. It is best not to design it into larger parts.

Accumulation of fixture design experience is very important. Sometimes design is one thing, and it is another thing in practical applications. So good design is a process of continuous accumulation and summary. LONNZ has nearly 16 years of collet production experience, perfect technology for fast delivery, stable quality, and 100% inspection with products before leaving the factory. Conventional collet  fixtures and hardware cutting accessories basically have stock rough parts or finished products in stock, with a service life of up to 600,000 times and an accuracy of 0.003 mm. Non-standard lengthening can be performed. Shaped collet s can be customized according to drawings.

high precision collet

high precision collet