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Specification and size of high precision Er spring collet

2020-01-15 02:01

Specification and size of high precision Er spring collet and recommendation of spring collet manufacturer:

High precision Er spring collet is a high-end product in elastic collet. Generally, radial run out within 0.005mm is the cutting-edge product that can compete with European, American and East Asian countries under the current market trend. Especially between 1.5mm and 2mm, there is also 1 / 8 (3.175mm) in British system, which is widely used.

ER collet

High precision Er spring collets are generally used in engraving machines and precision instruments with relatively large demand. At present, two types of elastic drill collets, ER and C, are widely used.

Because Er type collet has the advantages of stable performance, high precision, simple loading and unloading, and low price, it is deeply trusted by many manufacturers.

There are many types of Er elastic drill collet. Its characteristic is that the radial run out is only half of that of C-type collet, which greatly improves the accuracy requirements of the products in the processing process and reduces the scrap rate.

Among them, er spring collets, which are more common in English system (such as 1 / 8 inch, 1 / 4 inch and 1 / 2 inch, etc.) and whose accuracy can reach 5u, are roughly divided into the following eight parts according to their metric specifications:

Specification and size of high precision Er spring collet

Specification and size of high precision Er spring collet

LONNZ is a spring collet manufacturer with 16 years of professional collet production experience, with an accuracy of 0.003mm and a service life of 600000 times. It selects high-quality spring steel, and the high-precision Er spring collet meets the international standard: din-6499b, with the introduction of Japanese technology, CNC composite machining and forming, which can provide the auxiliary design and peripheral accessories of collet, one-stop purchase!

high precision Er spring collet

high precision Er spring collet