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High-precision collet manufacturers share: How to improve the use efficiency of collets?

2020-01-14 01:01

High-precision collet is a high-end product in the elastic collet. Generally, the radial runout is within 0.005MM. From design to material selection, processing, and heat treatment, the small collet has a lot of experience and technology.

LONNZ is a spring collet manufacturer with 16 years of professional collet production experience. The accuracy is 0.003MM and life is 600,000 times. The quality of spring steel is selected. Japanese technology is introduced. The CNC composite machine is used for forming. Auxiliary design of the head and peripheral accessories, one-stop purchase!

The high-precision collet is a kind of cylindrical fixture used on a milling machine to restrain a drill or a milling cutter. It has excellent performance such as high precision, easy operation, and long service life. Progress, we need to improve the efficiency of the use of spring collets, the following LONNZ will share with you specific methods to improve the efficiency of spring collets:

1. Among all parts of the clamping mechanism, the collet chuck is an important part. It works under intense motion conditions and determines the accuracy of the machining. Therefore, it is very important to determine the basic parameters of the collet: the number of petals, the cone angle, the jaws and the length of the petals in order to ensure higher working capacity. 

2. The number of lobes of the collet should be selected based on the accuracy and stiffness of the bar clamping. Spring collets with an even number of petals are mostly realized by using radially opposite petals when clamping the bar material so that the bar material has certain freedom of movement, which will sharply reduce the clamping stiffness. Conversely, for spring collets with an odd number of petals, it is usually seen that there are three small planes on the petals, which can ensure that the bar material is clamped more reliably.

LONNZ suggests that you can refer to the following usage methods for high-precision collets:

1: Put the collet into the nut first, and then tighten it directly. The rigidity is high and the clamping force is strong. 

2: Straight shank extension shank, long shank body, suitable for deep hole processing, to solve the need to extend the processing depth. Zh

3: It can reduce the use of lengthening tools, which can reduce costs and improve efficiency. 

4: The outer diameter of the extension rod and other parts are precision ground to eliminate the imbalance and increase the safety during cutting.

CNC grinder collet series (W25 collet)

CNC grinder collet series (W25 collet)