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How to choose the handle of Er spring collet correctly?

2020-01-13 02:01

Precision machine tools with advanced cutting tools can provide excellent metal cutting productivity, and tool shank, as a key interface between cutting tools and machine tool spindle, is very important to achieve high productivity.

ER spring collet and interchangeable collet are commonly used circular handle technology. The economic and efficient ER spring collet series provides various sizes and enough clamping force to realize reliable light milling and drilling processes. The high-precision ER jacketed shank has low radial runout (less than 5 μ m at the tip) and can be balanced for the symmetrical design of high-speed processes, while the reinforced type can be used for heavy-duty processing. At the same time, the ER spring collet matching tool handle can be quickly converted and can adapt to various tool diameters.

ER spring collet shank is mainly used for clamping straight shank cutters and tools such as drills, milling cutters, and taps. The elastic deformation of the circlip is 1mm, and the clamping range is 0.5-32mm in diameter. Now CNC machine tools are widely used in factories. These machines and tools come from all over the world, with different models and standards.

LONNZ has been specializing in the production of collets for more than 16 years, the stock of raw materials is more than 5 kilotons, and the whole series of numerical control processing. The inland factory covers an area of more than 10000 square meters and is determined to provide high-quality cost-effective tools and hardware accessories for metal cutting processing, fast supply speed, and comprehensive technical support.

We will share the features of several commonly used spring collet handles for you to select correctly:

1. The thermal expansion shank can provide strong clamping force, 3 μ m concentricity at 3 XD, and excellent dynamic balance quality. The small handle design can well reach the difficult part features.

2. The enhanced shank can be medium to heavy-duty milled, but the clamping force depends on the tolerance of the inside diameter of the shank and shank.

3. The mechanical milling collet provides strong clamping force and high radial rigidity through multi-row needle roller bearings. The design can realize heavy load milling and rapid tool change, but the runout may be larger than the jacket system.

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