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What are the design points of the ER spring collet and the standards for the size range of the clamped workpiece?

2020-01-11 10:01

In the design of the ER spring collet, the workpieces encountered are of various types, such as stampings, profiles, assemblies, etc. Therefore, in the design, the allowable range of the size tolerance of the workpiece clamping position must be estimated first.

The use of the collet can greatly improve the processing efficiency and can complete all the machining surfaces of the parts to be processed in one clamping. By matching with a bar feeder and a blanking device, the automatic loading and unloading process can be realized, and finally, unmanned production and continuous processing can be realized. In such applications, the non-cutting time saved for a single workpiece may be very small, but during the entire production process, the time saved for each workpiece is multiplied by the number of processed workpieces, and the total time saved is Is very impressive.

So what standards does ER spring collet have for the size range of fixture workpieces?

1. ER spring collet is very suitable for small diameter workpieces.

2. The ER spring collet has a short clamping time for workpieces, which can realize fast loading and unloading.

3. The replacement time of the ER spring collet is very short, which can realize the fast replacement of fixtures of different sizes.

4. Compared with the chuck, the ER spring collet has higher clamping accuracy and maintains better concentricity when turning.

5. For shaped and borable spring collets, it is more cost-effective and more flexible than chucks.

6. On a machine tool with a built-in spindle structure, the spring collet can provide the shortest cutting force arm, which has greater processing space and processing rigidity than a chuck.

7. The ER spring collet is envelope-type clamping, which can better protect the workpiece surface during clamping and provide the maximum cutting torque.

The concentricity, conicity, finish, dimensional accuracy, heat treatment process and raw materials of LONNZ spring collet products have strict quality standards. The spring collet produced by our company has gained a good reputation due to its high accuracy, long service life, and reasonable price. It is a successful model for the localization of imported accessories.

Automotive special equipment custom collet

Automotive special equipment custom collet