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Spring collet manufacturers share solutions for 920, 911, and 930 alarms that often occur in CNC lathe machining

2020-01-11 09:01

With the development of mechanical processing equipment towards numerical control, numerical control processing has become an indispensable processing technology for more and more mechanical processing enterprises.

LONNZ has designed and produced various types of collets and tungsten steel guide bushings to meet the needs of CNC processing equipment, with high concentricity and high accuracy of 0.003mm. Steel cemented carbide, and standard concentric and irregular eccentrics (collets) have been widely used in various CNC instrument lathes.

LONNZ has 16 years of professional production experience in custom collet chucks. We can provide the auxiliary design of collets and peripheral accessories. Below we will share with you the solutions to 920, 911, and 930 alarms that often occur in CNC lathe processing:

CNC lathes often have 920, 911, and 930 alarms, most of which are 930 alarms.

With the emergence of 911, a parity error occurred in some program storage RAM. You need to clear the RAM completely or replace the SRAM module or motherboard, and then reset the parameters and data to improve it.

The occurrence of 920 is a servo alarm (first to fourth axes), a monitoring alarm or an RAM parity error in the servo module has occurred. This can be improved by replacing the servo control module on the motherboard.

The appearance of 930 is an abnormal interruption of the alarm. Mainly caused by a bad motherboard or CPU card. You can confirm the faulty part by exchanging parts. In addition, you need to pay attention to the grounding of the machine tool and external interference.

LONNZ recommends that when you set up the tool, you should repeatedly check with the program list and program after loading. The program should be carried out one by one in order. At the same time, you should choose professional and reliable high-precision spring collet products and metal cutting tools.

high-precision spring collet products

high-precision spring collet products