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What is the reason why Er spring collet of CNC lathe always breaks the knife? How to solve it?

2020-01-10 11:01

High-precision ER collets range in price from tens to hundreds. Depending on the quantity purchased and the size of the collet factory, there are also problems and doubts in use.

Netizens ask for help:

Two more than two hundred yuan, two are broken, distressed. . . How does the collet manufacturer ’s great move to avoid this problem? Why does the knife break inside instead of outside?

Tool: D4, Tool length: 28, Spindle speed: S8000, Feed F3500, Cut depth, Base and layer,  residue removal, Material: Aluminum.

As an established high-precision spring collet manufacturer, LONNZ mainly produces various types of spring collets and tungsten steel guide bushes. The main products are ER collets, high-precision collets, 5C collets, CNC lathe collets. , Jinshang spring chuck, Citizen spring chuck, and other precision hardware accessories products, precision ≤0.003MM, selected high-quality spring steel manufacturing, to provide our clients with professional pre-sales and after-sales service.

LONNZ has received many customers' reactions to this problem, and it is recommended to carefully investigate it by themselves:

1. See if your shank collet nut is locked.

2. Check to see if there are any foreign objects such as iron filings in the collet. (Not likely)

3. See if the cutting amount or feed speed of the tool is too large during NC programming.

4. See if there is a problem with the programming program, causing a broken knife or tie knife.

The broken inside indicates that the front is suspended, there is a step in the middle of the collet, you can change a new collet. It is recommended that you replace the supplier of high quality collets, LONNZ collets technical standards: adopt the ISO standard requirements for radial circular runout, that is, when d≥2mm: radial circular runout = 0.03 + 0.01L / d ); When d <2mm: radial runout value is not specified. Perfect technology for fast delivery, stable quality, perfect after-sales, support return and exchange and non-standard customization.


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