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How the ER collet series achieves a tool runout of fewer than 1-5 microns

2019-12-02 11:12

How the ER collet series achieves a tool runout of fewer than 1-5 microns?

The biggest feature of the ER collet series is that one type of cutter head can fit a whole set of tools, while other types such as heat shrinkable cutter heads use only a specific size of the tool.

When using the ER collet, the two main purposes are:

① The largest clamping force transmitted to the tool through the collet and the collet nut;

② Achieve the smallest tool runout (T.I.R). Tool sloshing will cause overcutting, which causes the machining size to exceed tolerances. The ER system will minimize the runout during work, which will result in more uniform wear and better surface quality and longer tool life.

The LONNZ ER collet series has different sizes and precisions, a total of 8 chucks of different sizes, each size has 4 different types, plus 4 different nut, which type of chuck depends on the tool holder Diameter and depth and clearance that may need to be reached.

From the selection, assembly and maintenance of ER chuck nuts, LONNZ has special research and 16 years of rich experience, customized high-quality spring steel, customized self-built salt bath heat treatment workshop, concentricity of 0.003MM, and life of 600,000 Times. 

The production and processing of LONNZ chuck are fully digitalized. The factory covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters, three salt bath heat treatments, 36 full processes, nine quality inspections, thread grinding, standard products are in stock, and non-standard products can be customized. 

The material and geometric parameters of the tool holder have an important influence on the cutting force and cutting heat. The correct selection of the tool and the matching collet is very necessary, and it is very important to reduce the deformation of the part.

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