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How to maintain the flexible spring collet and common clamping methods

2019-11-30 05:11

Flexible collet chucks are generally produced in a single piece or a complete set, and the use time is generally longer. It needs to meet the requirements of convenience, safety, efficiency, and reliability of customers' use and installation.

Flexible spring collets are designed to use mature standard parts such as guideposts, guide sleeves, fasteners, springs, hardware, air cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, standard mold bases, quick chucks, etc.

The design of the main parts of the spring collet should be designed according to the needs of the equipment. The type of metal material and heat treatment should be matched and the hardness should be selected. In particular, the prevention of deformation of the parts after heat treatment should be considered. The parts with friction should consider the hardness matching and necessary lubrication. Measures.

LONNZ flexible spring chucks are made of spring steel with guaranteed accuracy. The precision of the cutting tool can be guaranteed within 0.01-0.015. The segmented heat treatment can extend the life of the chucks and has good wear resistance. Sex.

As an old-fashioned collet manufacturer, we will share the common clamping methods for machining:


1. Find the clamp directly


This method uses a dial indicator, ascribing disc, or visual inspection to directly clamp the workpiece on the machine. Low efficiency, high alignment accuracy, suitable for single small batch and simple shape workpieces.

2. Line up for clamping

This method is to first draw the centerline, the symmetry line and the processing lines of each surface to be processed on the blank according to the part drawing, and then load the workpiece on the machine tool to find the clamping position of the workpiece on the machine tool according to the drawn line. This clamping method has low productivity, low accuracy, and high technical requirements for workers. It is generally used in the processing of complex and cumbersome parts in single-piece small batch production, or where the tolerance of the blank is too large to be directly clamped with a clamp. Good versatility, but low efficiency and low precision, suitable for single-piece small batch and complex shape castings.

 3. Clamp

The fixture is specially designed according to the requirements of the processing process. The positioning elements on the fixture can make the workpiece quickly occupy the correct position relative to the machine tool and the tool. The positioning accuracy of the workpiece can be ensured without alignment. The productivity of clamping with the fixture is high. The positioning accuracy is high, but special fixtures need to be designed and manufactured, which are widely used in batch and mass production.

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