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Recommended collet manufacturers from machining methods

2019-11-28 05:11

The main machining methods are: turning, milling, planing, grinding, drilling, boring, punching, sawing, and inserting.

Turning: There are vertical cars,  horizontal cars, new equipment is a CNC car, mainly processing turning bodies.

Milling: There are end milling and horizontal milling. The new equipment has CNC milling, also called the machining center. It mainly processes grooves and straight lines. Of course, it can also process arc surfaces with two or three axes.

Planing: Mainly processing the shape of the straight surface. Normally, the surface roughness is not as high as that of a milling machine.

Grinding: surface grinding, cylindrical grinding, internal hole grinding, tool grinding, etc. High-precision surface processing, the surface roughness of the processed workpiece is particularly high.

Drilling: processing of holes.

Boring: The processing of holes with larger diameters and higher accuracy, and the processing of larger workpiece shapes, mainly by boring inner holes with boring tools or inserts.

Punching: It is mainly formed by punching, which can punch round or special-shaped holes.

Saw: It is mainly cut by a sawing machine and is often used in the cutting process. The sawing machine has a circular sawing machine, band sawing machine and bow sawing machine.

Insert: It can be understood as a stand-up planer, which is very suitable for non-complete arc processing.

For any kind of processing method, as long as the tool is sharpened sharply, the machine tool is adjusted, a reasonable cutting amount is selected, and careful operation is performed, a higher processing accuracy can be obtained.

The basic principle of selecting the processing method is to ensure the processing quality of the parts and make the processing cost reasonable. For this reason, you must be familiar with the economic accuracy and surface roughness that can be achieved by various processing methods. At the same time with a matching collet.

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