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Do you know when to use a collet for a CNC lathe?

2019-11-27 02:11

Collet chuckis a kind of spare workpiece clamping device. It is similar to the jaw chuck. It also uses mechanical force to fix the parts to be turned. Although the collet chuck offers a wider range of workpiece sizes than the jaw chuck, the speed, accuracy, and productivity advantages it provides for some machining tasks may be extremely important.

The advantages of the collet chuck are: lightweight, fast acceleration, little influence by centrifugal force, high concentricity, fast clamping, and quick change of collet

Which fixture is more effective requires several considerations when making a decision. For a given lathe machining task, whether to use a collet chuck or a jaw chuck, all the following factors need to be considered.

Spindle load capacity, spindle speed, processing operation complexity, workpiece size specifications, processing batch size all need to be analyzed and used in specific situations.

Collets are suitable for both large and small batches.

Which brand of LONNZ collet is suitable for walking machine models?

Citizen, Nomura, Tsugami, Miyano, Mazak, Mori Seiki, Jianghei, Yamato, Hoshi Precision, Riken, Tonas, Traube, Kitamura, Hanwha, Demagee, Hating, Jianke, Shuofang, etc.

What are the types of LONNZ collets?

Spring collet, CNC car collet, ER collet, innerspring collet, core guide bush, collet, spindle taper sleeve, spindle collet, spindle collet, instrument car collet, high Precision collets, etc.

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