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LONNZ Power sharing: With a good chuck, one machine earns 10,000 more a year

2019-11-27 11:11

A large amount of data shows that a good chuck can bring benefits of at least 10,000 yuan after two years of use. But most people ignore the role of collets and think it works. As a key part of the machining system, the chuck directly affects the machining stability, accuracy, surface effect, pass rate, and tool wear. So how to identify the quality of the collet and how it affects the benefits of the factory?

1. The impact of the radial runout of the chuck on the tool life and machining effect: In fact, the radial runout not only affects the tool life but also directly affects the machining accuracy and surface effect.

2. The impact of the chuck dynamic balance level on the machining effect: Good dynamic balance can not only ensure the machining effect and stability but also effectively extend the life of the spindle, tool holder and tool.

3.Influence of chuck inner hole size, cylindricity, outer cone angle accuracy and roughness on tool clamping force and service life:

"A. With the improvement of the dimensional accuracy and the degree of cylindricality, the clamping force of the collet on the tool increases linearly and the clamping force can be more evenly transmitted to the tool while improving the stability, service life and workpiece of the tool. Processing effect.

"B. With the improvement of the accuracy of the outer cone angle and the level of surface roughness, the contact rate between the collet and the inner cone of the tool holder increases linearly, and the uniformity of the clamping force transmission increases linearly, ensuring that the tool is uniformly stressed and avoiding excessive local stress The resulting deformation increases tool life.

"C. Impact of different materials on the service life of the chuck:

After salt spray test and abrasion resistance test on manganese steel, spring steel, chrome steel, stainless steel, and other alloy steels, the specially tempered 3Gcr13M0 stainless steel also has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can maintain precision for a long time. stability.

On the same batch of new Fanuc machines, the same parts were machined with different chucks, and the performance of the Lonnz chucks was indeed surprising.

The importance of the chuck as a transmitter of force and accuracy in machining systems is beyond doubt. The precision of the chuck cannot be ignored even when machining workpieces with relatively rough thickness and relatively low accuracy requirements. At present, the dynamic balance of most spindles is G1, the taper hole beats 1-2u, and the entire system is working during processing. Not to mention the impact on workpiece yield and tool life, the quality of the collet is also critical to the life of the spindle.

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