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2019-09-24 09:09

Lonnz Tools Co., Ltd. is one of the companies specializing in the development and manufacture of high-precision spring collets at home and abroad. It is located in the efficient and fast-paced Shenzhen Longhua New District, with convenient transportation and developed communications. 

Our company mainly produces various types of collets and guide bushes. The main products are: ER collets, high precision collets, 5C collets, CNC lathe collets, Tsugami collets, Citizen collets, and other precision Hardware accessories products are regular spring collet manufacturers. They can come to custom drawings for processing, complete varieties, reasonable prices, strong strength, respect for credit, abide by contracts, and guarantee product quality. Our customers provide professional spring collet pre-sales and after-sales services. 

LONNZ has strict quality standards for spring collet products such as concentricity, conicity, smoothness, dimensional accuracy, heat treatment process, and raw materials. The spring collet produced by our company has gained a good reputation because of its high accuracy, long service life, and reasonable price. It is a successful model for the localization of imported accessories. 

Since 2015, in response to customer and market needs, the product line has been expanded to include tungsten steel cutting tools for metal and metal cutting. The main products are tungsten steel turning tools, tungsten steel drills, step drills, tungsten steel milling cutters, and tungsten steel saws. Films, while providing standard machining tools of major brands: Sandvik SANDVIK, Kyocera NTK, KOKLOY, Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI, Toshiba TUNGALOY, Sumitomo SUMITOMO, etc., all products are suitable for metal cutting processing such as CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, milling machines, automatic lathes, automation equipment, instrument machine tools, and various special machine tools. Price advantage: We are a professional manufacturer, all products are sold at factory ex-factory price. 

Quality control: We have always emphasized that strict and precise control of the entire process is the first condition to ensure the pass rate. All our raw materials are directly supplied by domestic and international high-quality manufacturers to ensure the stability of the material. The production and heat treatment are all completed in-house. Through the full process control, the size, characteristics and life stability of the product can be ensured. 

LONNZ spring collet: The concentricity accuracy grade is an enterprise that can reach the Japanese AA level accuracy standard. The high-quality concentricity accuracy can reach 0.003 mm. This is the testing standard of the first-class products in the spring collet industry in Asia. 

LONNZ metal cutting tungsten steel tools: Since it was put into production in 2015, we have been testing and verifying and improving it with our existing cooperative customers for three consecutive years in 2015, 2016 and 2017, and have achieved very good results and cost-effectiveness. Since 2018, LONNZ metal cutting tungsten steel tools have been fully launched to the market. We are determined to provide high-quality cost-effective tools for metal cutting, fast delivery speed, and comprehensive technical support. 

LONNZ various brands of knives: We promise that all products are genuine and never for fake. 

LONNZ production capacity: The company's production equipment is all numerically controlled, specialized, and automated; the advantage of scale allows the production process to be produced, and emergency orders are given priority to ensure no delay in delivery.  

LONNZ service: professional sales team can provide you with comprehensive technical solutions and face-to-face communication.  

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